Thursday, April 17, 2014

Style Project

The first skill i used when creating my style project, which was based on Jackson Pollock, was "artists have a global awareness of artmaking". I used knowledge of Jackson Pollock's work to create a piece in his style. I found pictures of Jackson Pollock's work on google and really liked the energy they had, which is why i chose him. This is one of the works he did. 

The next artistic behavior i used was artist solve problems. When i did the "rough draft" of my work in my sketchbook, i didn't like the shade of the background. I wanted the painting to represent a mysterious feeling, maybe gloomy. I also didn't know how to paint like Jackson Pollock did. I used acrylic paint but it was very thick. After doing this in my sketchbook i figured out that i needed to mix my paints with water so that rather than dripping the paint i could throw it like Pollock. This is what my first draft looked like. 

One artistic behaviour i could have executed  better was "artists communicate through their work". I wanted to use dark shades to create a feeling of gloom, but even with me making it i feel like this feeling wasn't portrayed as well as it could have been. I think if it had deeper colors like blues in it it would have turned out better, which was a paint mixing mistake. Saying that, painting the background gray did give it a better feeling of gloom and made the painting a lot darker than the orginal draft. 

Overall, I like how my style project turned out and enjoyed doing work in the style of Jackson Pollock. 

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