Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flower - Color Project

When starting to create my color project, I had to learn new techniques with paint by developing new art making skills. The first thing i learned was to make a value scale. I had to go from the lightest parts of one color by making tints (adding white) to the darkest parts of that color (by adding black). This is what i did using that skill in my sketch book. 

   After i learned new skills using tempera paint, i wanted to do my color project using water colors. I tried a couple of different pictures, but when i reflected over my art work i wasn't happy with any of it. I continued to explore using complementary colors to make a bright picture and using blotting to create texture and interest but still wasn't impressed with how they turned out. These were the paintings i had in my sketchbook 

When i decided i wanted to communicate a feeling of gloom through my painting I decided to paint a dying yellow flower. I used a tecnique i learned in class called drybrush to get deeper lines for the stem. I also needed to get a sad shadow around my flower petals, which were yellow, so i used the skills I learned in class and used complementary colors, which was purple, to create a brownish shadow. Here is the painting (rough draft) of a dying flower for my color project 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Space in a Box

  While making my "Space Project" i tried to use a lot of artistic behaviors. The first one i presented in my project was developing new art making skills. I learned to use oil pastels which i eventually used in my final project. Here is a picture of a sphere i drew using oil pastels. I learned how to combine colors in with the pastels to make a core shadow and a highlight. 
The next skill i used was problem solving. When i first started my project, i aspired to draw and create something way out of my skillset. I tried drawing it in my sketchbook and it just wasn't turning out the way i wanted it. I eventually scratched that idea and made a new one to be more successful. This is a picture of the original sketch i wanted to draw. It was going to be a silhouette made in the negative space of the shadows of trees. I was going to use shading and value to create her body, but it was too hard.
The last skill i used was reflecting over my work. After i finished creating a new design i had to figure out which to use; colored pencils or oil pastels. Here is a picture of the sketch including both
I thought it had more of the vibe i wanted with the oil pastels, so that is what i went with. The oil pastels texture i thought gave it a deeper feeling, and the burnishing of the colors created the right effect for the universe. After looking over my final copy and my sketch, i realized that there were a lot of differences, but thats okay. Thats what makes it original art. I am happy with the way my space project turned out.