Friday, May 30, 2014

Sculpture Project

During my sculpture project, i used a lot of artistic behaviors. The first one i used was artists create original art. My first assignment was to create a functional sculpture that could be used in everyday life. I chose to make a octopus bowl. I attached the legs and eyes by slipping and scoring and carved out the mouth. This was the end result of my functional sculpture. 

The next artistic behavior i used was artists take risks. I needed to make another sculpture but this time it didnt have to be functional. I decided to create a flower, but there wasn't enough clay for me to make it out of it. I decided my best move was to make it out of cardboard. I painted small slivers of cardboard and hot glued them together. I then used coffee filters to make an outer covering. This is how my cardboard flower turned out. 

After a lot of looking at my flower, I decided i didnt like the way it turned out. I wanted it to look more like a flower and less like a discarded ball of cardboard. The last artistic ability i used was artists solve problems. I wanted to create a new and improved flower. I found out that we had gotten some extra clay and i began molding a tropical flower. I slipped and scored the petals together and the middle part on. Then i painted it to mimic some of the beautiful flowers that look tropical like this one. In the end, i liked how the clay flower turned out a lot better than how the cardboard flower turned out and i ended up turning it in instead. 

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