Sunday, February 16, 2014


The first artistic behavior i exhibited during the zentangle project was creating original art. To use unique ideas for my artwork, i layed out the design of the turtle myself the way i thought it should look. I used inspiration from the people around me and the setting of the picture to inspire the patterns i used within the turtle and its surrounding area. 

The next skill i used to create the "Zenturtle" drawing was developing art making skills. I learned to use value during class. 
Using value in my turtle zentangle, I think, made the drawing way more interesting because i didn't use any color. I also think i gained skill using just pencils and in the future will be more successful drawing with them. 

The last skill i used to create my zentangle drawing would be solving problems. Not everything i tried in my zentangle project looked right. I had to keep trying new patterns until it fit right into the shapes. I also had to figure out what to put in the background of my figure because the page felt empty without a setting. 
I also had to keep adjusting the shapes inside the turtle until they all looked about equal and fit nicely together. 

Overall I think my zentangle drawing turned out good for one of my first art projects and I am happy with it. 

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